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Cyber Crime was considered the most dangerous criminal phenomenon of our time, able to impact dramatically on people’s lives, and at the same time is the most underestimated.

Awareness of IT risk and the relevant safety measures are very often totally non-existent for individual personal protection and only rarely considered by business managers.

M.G. Security S.r.l. provides businesses with an innovative service of Cyber Security Audits for IT risk assessment.

The service ensures extremely thorough analysis, which aims to accurately determine the level of security of the IT infrastructure of the customer, through the use of formal methods of technological and organizational assessment.

The Cyber Security Audit is a multitasking consulting service skills, open to all business areas of information security.


  • Policies and common standards for the management and release of sensitive information;
  • Training internal resources;
  • Identification of Countermeasures in IT systems;
  • Monitoring strategies and the vulnerability occurs in business processes;
  • Cyber attack simulations and risk control.

M.G. Security relies on the skills and experience of highly qualified personnel in order to guarantee as fully as possible the control and verification of external or internal threats, making use of the tools and their techniques of a real scenery.

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