Leader in the Global Security Sector, with over 30 years of experience gained supplying high-quality private security services.


Entrusting yourself with M. G. Security, you will always rely on the collaboration of a professional team at your disposal.


The experience in the field of security and the highly qualified staff guarantee quality and efficiency of all security services provided by M.G. Security.


M.G. Security gives to the technology the role of strategic priority. Technology and innovation are not just guide to the infrastructure’s evolution but also allow the company to anticipate that evolution.

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M.G. Security S.r.l.

M.G. Security S.r.l., private security company located in Catania, is leader in Global Security Services. Taking pride in its 30-year long experience, M.G. Security provides private security and reception services to public and private customers with integrity and professionalism.

M.G. Security S.r.l. offer its reception and welcoming services nationally.

M.G. Security S.r.l. is authorized to carry out the activities referred to in the functional classes A – B – D, provided for by art. 2, paragraph 2, lett. A) of the D.M. 269/2010, namely:

  • Class A: Inspection activities, fixed, anti-robbery, anti-shoplifting, Complementary security services of the D.M. 154/2009;
  • Class B: Reception and management of signals from Remote monitoring , as well as the management of alarm interventions;
  • Class D: Transportation services and stock valuation including collection and loading of valuables from custody and distribution means;
  • Class E: Safekeeping and deposit services.

M.G. Security S.r.l., . is authorized to perform subsidiary security services pursuant to the D.M. 154/2009 as part of Ports, railway stations and urban transport lines;

M.G. Security S.r.l. deals with the design and construction of anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems.

M.G. Security S.r.l. it includes among its consultants, professional figures, coming from the special bodies of the Law Enforcement, anti-terrorism experts and in the area risk assessment.

M.G. Security S.r.l. offers audit services in the field of Corporate Security proposing solutions able to reduce the risk from criminal events to the maximum.

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    Private security institute  leader in the security sector.

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    The fundamental tool for starting up, developing and completing all the activities carried out by the company.

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    All our security services that represent the right solution to all your needs.

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    Always ready for customer needs.

Alert risk Zone Service

L’Alert Risk Zone Service is implemented by M.G. Security S.r.l. to determine an accurate risk assessment by country with regard to every aspect of “security”, such as terrorism, crime, subversive and political facts.

The Risk Zone Alert is able to close the information gap between the institutional bodies active in some areas and the information produced within the company.

The service is based on a multitasking screening, with a focus on specific safety objectives, which allows a risk assessment in a preventive and adherent to the reality.



High qualified and trained team at your complete disposal.

Certified Experience

All the formal requirements needed by D.M. n. 269/2010, which regulates the quality standards for the Security Company.


M.G. Security offers the best and more suitable security solutions to its customers.


M.G. Security makes the difference giving priority to technology and innovation.

30 years experience

Over 30 years experience gained providing private security services.

Operative H24

The services are provided “end-to-end continuity”, thus covering  h24- 365 days per years.

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