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M.G. Security is committed to follow a transparent and equalrecruitment process, guaranteeing everyone the same employment opportunities.

The Recruitment Process follows 5 Steps:


The first step concerns the acquisition and collection of the curricula in our company database through various recruitment channels, the main channel is the company website. Sometimes alternative channels are used such as: lists provided by schools and universities, employment centers, “word of mouth” and networking activities thanks to twenty years of experience in the sector.


The Human Resources Team proceeds with the Curricula Screen throught the database, involving the department for which this recruitment process has been activated.

The goal is to identify the list of potential candidates based on the minimum requirements required for the profile sought.

The main criteria used in the evaluation of applications are:

  • Educational level and specialization courses;
  • Professional experience and acquired skills;
  • Computer literacy;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages, training periods or work experience abroad;
  • Previous experience in the security sector, coming from the Forces of the Order and Military as a preferential title;
  • Ethical conduct and discretion.

Candidates, in line with the requirements sought, will be contacted for a phone interview, to get more information and to fix an appointment.

The human resources team, based on the complexity of the role sought, prepares various selection tasks that may include, in addition to individual interviews, also evaluation tests to respond promptly to the different needs of M.G. Security and its Clients and for a better understanding about the correspondence between the characteristics of the candidate and the behavioral models sought.

The goal is a deep understanding of previous skills and experience, focusing on personal and technical skills and personal motivational according to the different positions to be filled.

Excellent interpersonal skills, organizational and problem solving abilities are elements of particular interest for our business. We evaluate in positive way the keen to learn. Other key values include proactivity, a sense of initiative, the ability to work in teams and the desire to bring the own career at next level.


The selected person, among a short list of suitable candidates, will then be contacted for a contract proposal.


The Human Resources team plans the induction for the new collegue, aimed at getting to know M.G. Security, the tools available, the main stakeholders, values and corporate culture. Through the organization of meetings, formal and informal, and coaching, the HR team will make the new colleague feel part of the team.


I accept the processing of personal data by the owner of the following website.


To apply for open positions or spontaneous applications, please use the following form indicating the desired position in the subject.

If the profile is in line with the positions sought, it will be the company’s responsibility get in touch with the candidate to proceed with the recruitment process. Otherwise, no other communication will be sent. The CV will however be filed in the recruiting database for 1 year and considered for any future personnel selection.