M.G. Security S.r.l. Cyber Security Safety Security


An important part that our staff devotes to working hours is donated to training.

All our staff is subjected to continuous and specific training in the areas of corporate interest. Particular emphasis is given to the study of methods and strategies of defense from criminal and terrorist attacks.

Our Dedicated Special Guards follow a training course within our company thanks to the collaboration of our certified consultants in Anti-terrorism, in Security Management and in self-defense techniques.

In addition, our staff supports courses of:

  • First aid,
  • BLSD/PBCSD Operator Course for defibrillator use,
  • Medium risk firefighting,
  • counter terrorism operator,
  • Counter Terrorism Expert,
  • TECHNICAL DIRECTOR pursuant to art. 6, c. 2 of the Ministerial Decree Law 154/2009,
  • SECURITY OPERATOR pursuant to art. 6, c.2 of Ministerial Decree 154/2009,
  • Training and Information Art. 36 and 37 Legislative Decree 81/2008,
  • PFSO in compliance with ISPS CODE,
  • Sheet 6 PNSM – ISPS CODE,
  • Code of Ethics and Standard Management Systems,
  • Cyber Security for G.P.G.,
  • Emergency management in Port Security,
  • CBRNE,
  • Static and dynamic shooting,
  • English language.