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The management of alarm signals, emergencies and video surveillance systems is exclusively carried out by dedicated security guards trained in the use of advanced technological management systems in the field.

The “Central Unit” is housed in a dedicated structure reserved for access, protected and video surveillance, made up of personnel who have the necessary tools for the operational support of local services, ensuring full coordination.

The activities they see the staff that focus on the management of particular types of alarm or in some cases of certain types of services that require constant monitoring.

The service is provided “seamless” coverage with a H24 – 365 days.

M.G. Security with certification pursuant to Legislative Decree 259/03 (Electronic Communications Code) and Attachment” E “of the D.M. 269/10 of the “Ministry of Economic Development – Department of Communications – Sicily Territorial Inspectorate“, is in possession of a “C” type Operating Center – (Advanced Operations Center) which provides for the possession of the following requirements:

Site protection systems:

  • Access control with event logging;
  • Intrusion detection with event recording;
  • Perimeter video surveillance with recording and storage of data for the necessary time taking into account the security needs inherent to the activity carried out;
  • Armored type frames.

Emergency power operating center systems

  • Static UPS (autonomy of at least 15 minutes);
  • Generator set with automatic start (full load autonomy not less than 6 hours).

Radio communication system

  • N ° 8 (eight) Radio bridges
  • Reserve base radio station;
  • Communications recorder.

Voice communication

  • Fixed telephone lines plus GSM;
  • Telephone switchboard for the management of all lines;
  • No. 2 (two) operator positions;
  • Communications recorder.

Security Management System

  • Hardaware and communication software;
  • Hardware and management software that allows the cartographic localization of vehicles equipped with GPS system.

All the plants that equip the upper Operations Center are subject to maintenance with SLA (Service Level Agreement) not exceeding three hours.

Why M.G. Security S.r.l.?


A team of highly trained and qualified professionals ready to put themselves at your disposal.

Certified Experience

All the requisites foreseen by the D.M. n. 269/2010 which regulates the quality standards of the supervisory institutions.


The best and most appropriate security solutions to offer to its customers.


Technology and innovation among our priorities, to the point of getting to make a difference.

25 years experience

Over 25 years of experience in providing private security services.

H24 operation

Services are provided “seamless” coverage with a H24 – 365 days.

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