Remote monitoring

The service deals with the remote management of signals, information or alarms coming from or directed to or from a stationary or moving target, aimed at the direct intervention of the security guard.

Remote monitoring service provides for the control and monitoring of the alarm system by the Central Office through telephone lines PSTN, ISDN, ADSL and / or carriers GSM, GPRS, Radio, TCP-IP.

Controls and revelations can cover any type of event: which, break-ins, intrusions, sabotage or events caused by natural disasters.
All events are signaled by the most advanced detection devices.

These systems are remoted to the Institute’s Operational Center, by installing on-site sophisticated two-way alarm Peripherals, connected in parallel with the Customer’s central alarm system, and able to send everything detected by the alarm system and transfer it by means of appropriate communication vouchers to the Operations center to manage the event.