Watch Armed – Antirapine

The service consists of a fixed garrison of security guards in front of objectives in order to supervise and prevent any risks associated with crime.

The security guards are wearing uniforms authorized by the Prefecture of Catania and are provided with a valid Approval Decree to G.P.G ..

Equipped with an identification card and perform their duties strictly and in accordance with current regulations.
In constant connection with the Operational Center of the Institute, through the use of radio and telephone communication systems.

The entire communication system in telephony is of the latest generation, and the radio devices are each equipped with a satellite geolocation system and a “man down” device.

The security guards included body armor, two-way radio and geographic location and will also be equipped with a vehicle equipped with identification friezes of the Supervisory Institute and Iodolux lighthouse, radio-connected and geolocated with the help of a GPS system

The service is available both day and night, on weekdays and holidays, 24 hours a day or only in certain time slots.

M.G. Security security guard